Total War: Arena News

Total War: Arena closed beta announced
It seems that the long development march for Total War: Arena is finally coming to an end. The strategy mmo of ancient battles using historical figures as characters last held a closed beta last year. When that beta ended, players were told it would be a few months before the next round of beta testing. Well, it's been 18 months since then, but the game has held several rounds of alpha testing over that interim. Now players can gird their loins a...
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Aug 28 2017
total war arena cynane the queen slayer
Total War: Arena fans will feel the wrath of a warrior princess in the newly launched update. Cynanine, the Queen Slayer, rides into the MMO MOBA as a fearless fighter that has led countless military victories, including the rout of the Illyrians and their Queen Caeria.Cynane's strong combat prowess into translated into powerful Commander rpg orders, including the ability to quicken reload times of her archer unit and maintain sight of fleei...
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Nov 21 2015
total war arena na server launch
Total War: Arena has broken out in North America with the opening of the region's servers. The Total War: Arena NA server launch brings players from the US, Canada and Mexico into the conflict. In celebration of this operational milestone, a US launch event will be held at the ESL Studios in Burbank, California, on November 13. The event, which will be livestreamed on the official Total War Twitch channel beginning 15:00 PST, will feature gamepl...
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Nov 13 2015
total war arena fury of arminius update
Total War: Arena has charged through the closed beta gates and developers are marking the progression with a ferocious new update called the Fury of Arminius. The Total War: Arena Fury of Arminius update introduces the dangerous Barbarians faction whose aggressive hit-and-run attacks will serve as a harbinger of balance. The update also lets loose the namesake commander Arminius, draws up a new battle map and rolls out beta monetization options...
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Sep 25 2015
total war arena patch 10
It's all about combat in the latest Patch 10 improvements served for the Total War: Arena mmorpg. Developers of MOBA-style 10v10 title were able to sift through the detailed feedback from the Total War: Arena Alpha test and work on the most critical fixes needed.For example, Total War: Arena Patch 10 will be introducing the so-called soft collision feature between hostile units which is expected to "fundamentally change the moment-to-moment ...
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Aug 15 2015
total war arena germania map
A brand new battlefield -- one filled with dangerous forests so dense they could hide ambushers at any moment -- has been introduced in Total War: Arena. The Total War: Arena Germania Map is being touted as the largest and most detailed map to date in the MMORPG. Along with the Thermopylae, Marathon and Salernum maps, it is the fourth map in revealed roster for the Total War: Arena closed alpha. The Total War: Arena Germania map spotlight belo...
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Jul 25 2015
total war arena first gameplay trailer
The long wait to see Total War: Arena’s in-game footage is finally over. Developers have dropped the first gameplay trailer for the free to play mmo with team-based strategy rpg elements. The Total War: Arena first gameplay trailer shows exclusive footage taken from the current closed alpha. Already, players are already able to join epic-scale battles such 10-vs.-10.The trailer begins with on an impressive note by showing the expansive battl...
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May 23 2015
total war arena first livestream
Creative Assembly hosts the Total War: Arena first livestream event straight from Germany at the ESL Studios on May 23 at 5PM until 9PM CEST.As the maiden livestream for the MMO MOBA, the event will be aired across Twitch and feature a special 10-versus-10 fight against developers and popular Total War: Arena fans. One side will be composed of developers from the Total War: Arena team while the opposing side will consist of some of the most ...
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May 09 2015
Total War: Arena closed alpha begins
There's nothing that armchair generals love more than commanding their virtual troops into battle. The Total War series has been a popular one for military strategy players, and the games have ranged from ancient Rome to feudal Japan. Expectations were high when the Total War: Arena mmo was announced over a year ago, but there has been precious little news since then. Well, that's going to change now as the game is back, and the developers have s...
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Dec 15 2014