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Total War: Arena Gameplay First Look - HD

Total War: Arena Gameplay First Look - HD

Total War: Arena is the upcoming MMO MOBA-style game developed by The Creative Assembly. Unlike previous entries in the Total War series, Total War: Arena will be free-to-play and be truly multiplayer. Instead of the usual 1 on 1 battles associated with RTS/MOBA games, this new entry will focus on 10 versus 10 battles, which will allow for new players to ease into the game more gently. The focus will be on team-base gameplay and cooperation amongst the players will be necessary for victory.

Each player will be responsible for three units, which is a big difference from other Total War games where the player would command up to twenty units. However, the amount of commands given to the player's troops will remain roughly the same as that some automated actions in the previous titles will now have to manually chosen. While commanding only three units may sound trivial, players will be able to split units down into smaller groups, even as little as a single person and be able to give each soldier specific commands.

Some other changes to this free MMO include the complete redesign of the damage system. In Total War: Arena, individual soldiers in each unit have hit points. As they get worn down, that part of the unit's formation will become soft and will need to be micromanaged. However, the unit's DPS will not immediately drop when they first start taking losses. Further customization occurs as players can upgrade their generals, units, and items as they progress from battle to battle.

Total War: Arena will also not be tied down to a specific time period but will have history's greatest commanders face off in battle. Now you can fulfill your dream of seeing if your hoplites can take down those pesky samurai. Creative Assembly is focused on keeping the gameplay elements realistic and having the player feel like they're actually on the battlefield with their troops. Total War: Arena will not have lanes, creeps, or towers like other fantasy-themed MOBAs. Battles will be quick and dirty affairs lasting roughly only ten minutes.

Players concerned that the game's cash shop will result in pay-to-win need not concern themselves. Creative Assembly has made it clear that the shop will only provide accelerators to allow players who want to advance to the higher level troops more quickly the ability to do so rather than grinding it out in-game. The vast majority of content will be available to all players.

By Jeff Francis


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