Torchlight 2 activates full modding feature in new patch

By Michael Jamias
torchlight 2 activates modding

Torchlight 2 players can now modify almost everything in the action online rpg, including level layouts, animations and quests.

Through the latest Torchlight 2 patch, Runic Games has activated modding for the online rpg, allowing players to wield GUTS, the same in-house development tool used to create the game. Modding will be completely supported in multiplayer as well.

A new filter even makes it easier for players to search for preferred modded games based on active mod combinations.

Steam Workshop users will be able to automatically subscribe to and match configurations to join modded games – a convenient touch that cuts down on the searching. Thousands of players are expected to start creating mods with the release of GUTS, and bring an exciting new phase to Torchlight 2, similar to how mods have enriched the community and gameplay in mmorpg games.

Aside from the modding roll-out, the new patch also introduces new content that should keep players occupied for dozens more hours. Additional Unique and Legendary weapons for every item class, new class armor sets and new MapRoom maps have made their way to the game.

Dungeon lovers can also take on the extra side dungeons in Act 1 and 2 during New Game Plus play. Meanwhile, pet collectors can bond with four new pets – Headcrab, Alpaca, Panda and Stag.


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