Torchlight 2 News

torchlight 2 activates modding
Torchlight 2 players can now modify almost everything in the action online rpg, including level layouts, animations and quests. Through the latest Torchlight 2 patch, Runic Games has activated modding for the online rpg, allowing players to wield GUTS, the same in-house development tool used to create the game. Modding will be completely supported in multiplayer as well. A new filter even makes it easier for players to search for preferred modd...
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Apr 02 2013
torchlight 2 release date pax
Torchlight 2 will finally reveal its official release date when PAX Prime, the popular annual gamer convention, kicks off this August 31. Developer Runic Games had previously estimated the release date for Torchlight 2, an action online rpg sequel to Torchlight, sometime in 2011. Polishing and beta testing concerns pushed it back to sometime in 2012. The big reveal should appease fans who have long been waiting for a confirmed date. Those who c...
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Aug 28 2012