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Torchlight Gameplay

Torchlight Gameplay

Torchlight is an action adventure game from Runic Games that has often been described as the pretty cousin of the best-selling Diablo games. The resemblance is not coincidental; two of the co-designers of the first two Diablo games were in fact in the development team of this sleeper hit. Despite being compared to one of the most popular action RPG Games of All Time, Torchlight holds its own because of solid game mechanics, appealing dungeon environments and a captivating storyline that make it a memorable gem. Players start off their adventures in the fantasy mining town rich in the power-giving ore called Ember. The young hero you control is ambitious and seeks to harvest the Ember to gain power and riches, but along the way finds out the dark trade-off that comes with the ore’s magical properties. You then have a change of heart and venture deeper into the mines seeking to purge the corruption of Ember. The path to the final boss is treacherous, though, so you’ll have to fight your way past the many enemies that fill Torchlight’s expansive dungeon levels.

Your chosen class will determine how you go about defeating mobs in Torchlight. The Destroyer class is a veteran warrior who specializes in melee combat and can summon ancestral spirits to support him in battle. The Alchemist is a magic specialist who draws on the power of Ember, slinging arcane shots and bringing along robot minions as extra protection. Last but not the least is the Vanquisher class who functions most like a rogue; she deals ranged damage and sets up traps for foes who try to get close. Your hero powers up by gaining experience and leveling up when killing monsters, and collecting increasingly higher quality equipment. Characters also need to master the use of their skills, which are learned by investing points on class-specific skill trees. You have the freedom to choose the combination of skills and chart a path that will suit your combat preferences. Torchlight is an exclusively solo gaming experience. Multiplayer mode is not supported.

Since its successful release in 2010, Torchlight has opened up the game to allow for modding. Players can download for free the game editing tools used by the actual developers. An rpg sequel to Torchlight called Torchlight 2, which was released in 2012, expands on the original game with new features, including multiple town hubs and day-and-night effects, as well as additional activities like pet collection and fishing.

By Rachel Rosen

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