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the division patched
We've seen Tom Clancy's The Division go through a few ups and downs since its big launch this Spring. However, despite it fast becoming a seasoned part of the mmo landscape, it's still tough to judge whether or not it's a game worth investing time or money in. The triple-A title was hotly anticipated and did rather well in location and beta tests (besides the odd, hacker hiccup), but since launch it's seen a Destiny-like level of buyer's remorse...
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May 30 2016
the division month
Can you believe it? We've already enjoyed a whole month of Tom Clancy's The Division. It feels like it was only yesterday that we were wading through the alpha hacking, the long lines at conventions when the game was location testing and the longer lines, still, on launch day, in the in-game mission and safe house issues. Oh how we laughed. All in all, the survival mmorpg has undergone a successful, albeit dramatic launch month. So, to continue ...
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Apr 12 2016
the division raids
The launch of Tom Clancy's The Division now feels like a distant memory, but there's still a hot debate going on about just how much of an mmo game it really is. What does and doesn't constitute an mmo has been debated time and again, but now that triple-A developers are taking the genre on, it's getting harder and harder to determine where these games stand. When looking at Tom Clancy's The Division, the signs are all there - it's online, it's ...
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Apr 06 2016
the division patch
We no longer live in a world, where mmo game launches are a thing to celebrate, moreso a time to take a deep breath, delve in and hope for the best. It's quite sad really. Back in the late 1980's games didn't so much launch, as they trickled into stores as and when they were available, with random scatterings around the globe. With the turn of the decade and the third generation of consoles, game launches became a thing to get excited about and ...
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Mar 22 2016
tom clancy s the division soundtrack digital preorder
If for some reason you want to feel like it's the end of the world, you can put on your headphones and play the original soundtrack of the tactical team shooter Tom Clancy's The Division. MMO fans can start pre-ordering the digital soundtrack album, which contains 18 songs, for $9.99 here.The Division original soundtrack album runs for around 1 hour and 18 minutes and all songs were created by film score composer Ola Strandh, who also wrote ...
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Mar 15 2016
the division datamine
All in all, the division has had a pretty good launch day. After months of anticipation mmo fans and mainstream gamers alike has finally set up their uPlay accounts and dialled into the virtual worlds of a post-apocalyptic New York, packed with peril. The midnight launch was met with a handful of server issues, like most modern games are, but by and large it went pretty smoothly, with most players getting exactly what they'd hoped for in most ca...
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Mar 08 2016
the division launch
After betas, exploits,  cheating and speculation, the final proving point is here for Tom Clancy's The Division. Back in the Summer, Tom Clancy's The Division wasn't just one of the most popular mmo games on the convention/location test circuit, it was one of the best games period. On the show room floors and in the not so swanky after-partys of expos and cons all over the same resounding advice was uttered by gamers and journalists alike ...
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Mar 07 2016
tom clancy s the division free updates
Ubisoft has an ambitious development schedule for its soon-to-launch shooter Tom Clancy's The Division with plans to bust out free updates and paid expansions beginning next month. The open world rpg will receive a bunch of new features like new challenges, endgame missions and Dark Zone events, not to mention hours of storyline and gameplay content.Tom Clancy's The Division April update will mark the debut of Incursions through a free updat...
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Mar 04 2016
the division launch trailer
March is finally here! Winter is finally subsiding, meaning no more nasty weather, a whole new season of gaming and, most importantly, the launch of one of the most anticipated mmo games of 2016. Gamers have been looking forward to the Tom Clancy's The Division launch since just about its inception. Unlike most Tom Clancy games, this title has put on more of a survival mmo hat, rather than slipping into the usual first person shooter slippers th...
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Mar 01 2016
tom clancy s the division collapse simulator
There have been plenty of ways that mmorpg games have advertised themselves in recent years, from slick cinematics to TV ad spams, but Tom Clancy's The Division takes a detour from these usual promotion routes by releasing a doomsday simulator. Devising a so-called Collapse simulator, Ubisoft have created a palpable way to display the panic and chaos that can ensue in the real world after a pandemic infects most of the population."Collapse s...
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Feb 25 2016