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Tiger Knight

Category : RPG Games

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Tiger Knight: Empire War is an action MMO developed by NetDragon and published by Oasis Games. It's a game with a historical theme. Set in the era of the Three Kingdoms around year 200 AD, the game challenges players to become generals and to fight for their faction. Tiger Knight has four in game factions. Players can choose to become generals in the Roman Empire. They can also side with the Kushan Empire. Han Dynasty is another in game faction. The Parthian Empire is the fourth choice. Tiger Knight players get the chance to take part in PvP activities of various sizes. They can lead armies against other players or face their foes in duels. Winning battles takes not only skills but also cooperation and strategic planning.

There are three main game modes available. Tiger Knight has a PvE mode called Epic War. Players joins teams and go against computer controlled enemies. The battles are recreations of historical conflicts that took place during the Three Kingdoms era. Epic War mode has three difficulty settings so players can practice on easy mode at first, hone their battle skills on medium difficulty and ultimately defeat the enemy on hard, the most challenging difficulty option. Tiger Knight has two PvP modes. Command mode allows players to lead armies of soldiers against other players. Up to fourteen players commanding armies of 40 soldiers each clash in massive battles. This mode also includes two scenario choices: conquest or siege. Duel mode is similar to PvP battlegrounds from MMO RPG games. Players will take part in various war games but only with their general. It's not allowed to use armies in duel mode. The largest duel map supports 32 combatants. Duel mode features various secondary modes where players have to join forces or to fight on their own. Tiger Knight has a combat system that combines fast paced action with strategic planning. Players use keyboard and mouse to attack, parry and to perform combo moves.

Players will discover various types of battle gear. Tiger Knight has four armor categories: composite, cloth, leather and iron. There are also different kinds of weapons that are more efficient when used with the right type of armor. Tiger Knight is one of the free to play MMO games that aim to deliver an immersive historical atmosphere. Players will notice that each piece of in game equipment is a recreation of real armors and weapons used in that era. The game is built with Unreal Engine 3 and uses advanced techniques to bring the battlefields to life. The combat experience is enhanced with the background music created by Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer who also worked on Final Fantasy. Tiger Knight is available as a free game on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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