Fight the filth in The Secret World's The Whispering Tide event

By Michael Jamias
the secret world the whispering tide

A flood of corrupting filth is pouring into the online rpg, and only a united stand will stop it.

In The Whispering Tide, a new collaborative event, you and the rest of The Secret World's defenders will need to plug a font of evil that has popped up in Tokyo's Agartha portal. But unlike say a dungeon or raid where you can do it alone or with a group of pals, this challenge actually needs you to cooperate with all the other mmo players in the game.

To encourage participation, Funcom promises that "the more each player contributes to the struggle the more they will be rewarded." And the rewards are fantastic -- clothing, outfits, powerful gear and even a free pet for those who chip in to the cause.

The first event in the chain began September 20 and will continue until players have beaten back the initial Filth aggression.

Then The Whispering Tide is set to escalate in the coming months, according to developers, and will build up to a final massive battle against a big bad boss.

Only when you down this boss will the brand new Tokyo area open up, so start rallying your server or at least do your part in cleansing the alarmingly filthy game world.


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