The Secret World infiltrates Tokyo in Issues 8 and 9

By Michael Jamias
the secret world issues 8 9 tokyo

The Secret World adventurers brave the ravaged city in Issues 8 and 9.

The online rpg will spend the next two patches exploring Tokyo as a new mission hub, but also deliver new investigation content designed around origami, that delicate art of folding from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Both patches also deliver new storylines for our resident NPCs, and developers have hired voice actors to bring them to life.

These include the likes of Kari Wahlgren as Kirsten Geary, Leigh-Allyn Baker as Bong Cha, Jimmy Akinbola as Richard Sonnac, and of course, Stuart Organ as Arturo Casiglione.

Issue 8 also provides new content that advances the Story Mission for the first time since launch. You will pair up with Arturo to earn your Field Agent Certification.

Aside from the minor side trip to Venice, Issues 8 and 9 will mainly take place in Tokyo. Developers are already raving about the new Tokyo, saying it has some of the most epic boss encounters yet in the MMORPG such as a demon showdown atop a building with a view overlooking the city's majestic skyline.

There are also brand new Scenarios in Issue 8, which will prepare players to enter Tokyo. Issue 9 will be the Tokyo content proper and is slated to go live "in the coming months."


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