The Secret World publishes Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda

By Michael Jamias
the secret world issue 8 venetian agenda

The Secret World has released its newest content update frontloaded with new Scenarios and Augments.

In this Issue #8 preview video, game director Joel Bylos takes us through the mysteries and immense possibilities offered by the latest major patch.

Scenarios are a brand-new type of combat content where players in the conspiracy-laden online rpg take on "instanced and randomized challenges with set objectives." Scenarios deliver an element of surprise and huge replayability for soloists, duos or groups. Each scenario can also be scaled to pose higher difficulty and correspondingly better rewards. Although the catch is that only the basic normal difficulty will be available to the free to play mmo version, while the higher difficulty levels will be unlocked upon purchasing Issue #8.

The Venetian Agenda also introduces Augments, which adds another layer of character customization and power upgrades for mmo fans by directly improving and adding effects to Abilities. Players will need to make hard decisions on how they will allocate their Augments to create a more fine-tuned and noticeably more powerful fighting build. Augments can be earned by successfully completing Scenarios.

With the Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda launch, devout storyline followers will also get to find out the next leg to the ever-thickening main plot. From what we can tell, Issue #8 in itself will serve as a preparatory pit stop to the highly anticipated Tokyo chapter.


The Secret World comments:

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