The Secret World creeps us out with A Dream to Kill trailer

By Michael Jamias
the secret world issue 7 a dream to kill trailer

Haunting piano music, plastic dolls and chanting children all make of a disturbing trailer for The Secret World's upcoming update.

The Issue #7: A Dream to Kill trailer begins with a spine-tingling piano melody before showing us images of blonde, blue-eyed baby dolls. There's also a cracked blackboard in the background with child scribbles on them from the song's main lyrics. Not to mention the ominous knife stuck smack in the middle of the baby dolls.

Halfway through the video, we expected the baby dolls to start turning their heads and smiling wickedly as they scramble for the knife, but thankfully that did not happen.

From the trailer alone though it is hard to know the actual storyline for the newest content update which is scheduled to hit the MMO on July 8, a week after The Secret World anniversary festivities on July 3.

What has been revealed though by The Secret World game director Joel Bylos in his monthly letter to fans was that Issue #7 will be set in Tokyo and contain "many new missions and hours of action filled content" and "will "reveal hidden secrets and uncover new and crucial story elements" -- well, just like all the six past Issues.

Bylos even threw in some teaser bones for Issue #8, hinting that it will include a new Scenario and Augment systems that will shake up the entire rpg.


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