The Secret World uncovers Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo

By Michael Jamias
the secret world issue 6 last train cairo

This latest content update to the conspiracy-themed mmorpg involves a time traveling to ancient Egypt and back.

Due out in early March, Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo offers its fair share of thrills. The Secret World developer Funcom said players will need to fight atop moving trains like a modern-day action movie all in the name of saving the day.

Issue #6 also debuts the Whip Auxiliary weapon, which offers great area damage as well as significant buffs.

A new-and-improved Veteran and Recruitment system launches as well in Issue #6. Loyal fans will receive points for each month that he or she has been a member. The points can then be redeemed for unique rewards. Under the new system, recruiters can even earn bonus points for each month that a referred member stays on.

Last but not the least, this hefty The Secret World update releases a PvP ranking system, and brings the game more up-to-speed with other rpg games online. Participants can gain PvP experience points from killing one another. With enough kills, players can move up a rank and gain access to cool PvP uniforms.

Funcom is also reminding existing members to take advantage of the two early days access to Issue #6 content.

To learn more about the Issue #6 patch contents, browse through this special preview page ( that talks about these upcoming features in more detail.


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