Watch the new trailer for The Secret World’s “biggest update yet”

By Michael Jamias
the secret world issue 4 big trouble

Set in virtual New York, The Secret World’s fourth content update introduces the first 10-man raid for the myth-heavy MMO this November.

Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple opens up the new raid area, The Manhattan Exclusion Zone, which involves a 10-man challenge against the forces that are ravaging the middle of Times Square. Here’s a trailer video of what’s coming in this major content update:

Need a break from all the city mayhem? Head over across the Atlantic, in London’s The Albion Theater, a new area where players will be able to put on their own stage plays and control everything from props to lighting, and even invite others to sit in the audience to marvel at the ongoing performances.

The Secret World fans can also look forward to new ways of defeating anomalies. New weapons such as The Chainsaw provide devastating auxiliary firepower and opens up new abilities for those who acquire it.

Setting itself apart from most rpg games online, The Secret World even introduces new, optional combat mode known as Reticule Combat becomes available, allowing for the use of mouse pointers to aim at targets.

Issue #4 rolls out massive improvements to PvP matches as well meant to balance large-scale secret society skirmishes to make them less frustrating and more fun to play.


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