The Secret World scratches in fixes with Issue #3 The Cat God

By Michael Jamias
the secret world issue 3 cat god

The Secret World will be patching in Issue #3 The Cat God in today’s scheduled three-hour maintenance, an update that focuses on fixing bugs and mission inconveniences.

This new update for The Secret World is best seen as the housekeeping accompaniment to the content-heavy Issue #2, which introduced the first of many Auxiliary weapons, new Action and Lair missions, and two additional Nightmare Dungeons.

Issue #3 The Cat God addresses some of the more glaring issues when running missions in the online rpg. This ranges from fixing the alarms in Dracula’s Castle to correcting the rewards handed out in The Carpathian Fangs.

Quality of play improvements will also be plugged in. The widely-reported issue with blue screens will be addressed, for example, while loot bags will be accessible while sitting in the MMO.

The Secret World players are also known to be quite particular about the look of their rpg avatars and game world. This is why the new patch also tries to clean up the immersion-breaking inconsistencies in graphics, such as when certain costumes fail to display over hairstyles and results in a wonkier appearance.

Combat-wise, Blade, Blood, Chaos and Fists also receive a few skill tweaks each to make them work as intended.


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