The Secret World boosts its buy-to-play incentives

By Michael Jamias
the secret world buy to play upgrades

Earlier this month The Secret World ended monthly subscriptions and switched to a buy-to-play model, which will see improved perks in January.

Game director Nusquam said that after internal discussions, a veteran rewards system will be added to the now free to play mmo.

“This will be retroactive back until launch and we will be offering a mix of boosts, cosmetics and other useful items for veterans to purchase using their points. The full list of items which will be available to veterans will be made available during January,” Nusquam said.

Another upgrade is the addition of a “price” guarantee to all subscriptions and GMs, which will basically deliver discounted DLC prices to subscribers.

“This is basically a policy that states that if any DLC costs more than the points given to a subscriber in a month, they will receive the DLC for price of the maximum number of points. A practical example of how this works is if we were to release a $20 DLC, subscribers and GMs would never pay more than 1200 ($10) points for it,” Nusquam explained. Standalone expansions or DLC bundles for the conspiracy-themed free online rpg will not be covered by this price guarantee though.

All accounts in The Secret World will also be receiving an autobuy DLC feature, “which will ensure that players who don’t want to worry about using the store, will receive the DLC each month.”


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