The Secret World takes on Agartha in 40-man raid

By Michael Jamias
the secret world agartha raid

There's only one thing standing between you and Tokyo -- the big bad Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen known as Agartha.

As a Secret World player, you'll want to shoot down this monstrous flyer that serves as the final gatekeeper to the Tokyo area that will serve as the new hub starting Issue #9 onwards.

The Agartha raid will be massive and intense as you group up with 39 other mmo players in a face-off that could turn the tide against the encroaching Filth.

Based o revealed screenshots, Agartha is a huge black four-winged monstrosity whose stained and scorched appearance seems representative of the Filth that is corrupting the world tree.

The raid will take place on an elevated nest, and players will need to worry not only about defending against Agartha's attacks but also falling to their deaths if they make the mistake of stepping outside the nest.

Upon defeating Agartha, players will receive epic gear rewards and unique outfits, and some of the most powerful raid loot that can be found in the mystery-themed no download mmorpg. Victory also clears the path to answers surrounding final chapter of the Whispering Tide event chain.


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