The Secret World game director teases Aegis system

By Michael Jamias
the secret world aegis system

The Secret World is concocting the Aegis system, which will protect you from that most damnable foe: Boredom.

"We will be introducing the new Aegis system, which will expand the horizontal progression of The Secret World," said The Secret World game director Joel Bylos said in his October 2013 letter.

The Aegis system is being designed as a practically endless content generation feature, which "will keep content fresh, not only in Tokyo, but also for all new areas in the future."

The exact mechanics of the Aegis system are still under wraps, but we like the idea of always finding something new to do, explore or fight in the subscription online rpg.

The Aegis system will likely headline the Issue #9, the largest content update ever planned for the mmorpg. Yes, Issue #9 will even be bigger than the upcoming Issue #8 releasing next week.

Aside from giving us some morsels about the Aegis system, Bylos spent most of his letter discussing the contents of Issue #8: It will contain three Scenarios, each with scaling difficulties from Normal to Elite to Nightmare, and variable player modes from Solo to Duo to Group.

Higher difficulty levels and bigger group sizes will of course raise the loot rewards for each Scenario.

All players can access one scenario in Normal difficulty mode, while the other two scenarios and the rest of the difficulty modes will be unlocked upon purchase of the Issue #8 DLC from the in-game store.


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