The Secret World now Free to Play

By Rachel Rosen
the secret wolrd now free to play

The Secret World players have one more reason to be happy as Funcom announced that they are dropping the subscription model for The Secret World MMORPG. This business model is the same with the one adopted by Guild Wars 2. Free players are not restricted in any way. They can explore the whole world, consume all existing The Secret World content and access all features without paying a cent. Those who would like to support The Secret World development and maintenance, can get an optional premium subscription. Those who already have an active subscription will switch to premium subscription. Premium members receive XP boosts, access to promotions and discounts from the item store. Players can rest assured that The Secret World is only going free to play, not pay to win.

The secret world game

The other good news is that the new The Secret World patch Issue 5 is planned for release in the upcoming days. A brand new character is introduced as well as new quest lines and missions. A new weapon will become available. This weapon is said to change The Secret World combat style. Players will be able to adventure into new areas and uncover secrets. A new DLC for The Secret World is scheduled for January 2013.


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