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How to enjoy playing mmo games and relax
The virtual worlds of online games usually have a lot to offer to players: the ability to go on epic quests, to prove oneself against fearsome foes, to acquire vast quantities of loot, and an escape from the drudgery of the real world. Yet it's quite common for gamers to lose that sparkle in their eye as they log into a game. The thrill of action and anticipation of what could be discovered next is often mired under the sensation of the game beco...
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May 25 2017
Top five mmo events
There are a lot of facets of online games that players enjoy, such as going on epic quests and acquiring powerful items. However, the daily routine of logging into your favorite online rpg can become a grind, which is why it's always great to have a special event come along. Almost every player looks forward to mmo events as they promise the opportunity to do something different and even have some goofy fun. Yet not all mmo events are created equ...
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Apr 21 2017
Secret World Legends announced
Score one for the rumor spreaders. There has been speculation that The Secret World, the horror/conspiracy mmorpg, would be transitioning to a free-to-play title. The original game was subscription-based but eventually changed their revenue model to buy-to-play. Well, Funcom has announced that The Secret World will relaunch as a free-to-play game called Secret World Legends.Of the move of The Secret World relaunch as Secret World Legends, Fun...
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Mar 29 2017
How to get ready for mmo Halloween events
It's finally October, which means that our thoughts turn towards all things spooky and macabre. Yes, it's Halloween season again, and many people spend the entire month celebrating this most creepy of holidays. One of the coolest aspects of this season is that there are a bevy of mmo Halloween events for players to take part in, ranging from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars 2 and everything in-between. We know that some people find it hard to get ...
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Oct 10 2016
Top 5 mmos you need to play
It's a good time to be an online gamer as there's a quite a few mmorpg games that are of really high quality and are just begging to be played. Today's gamer has the benefit of having a large amount of choices for their gaming entertainment, unlike the past where there were only a handful of top-notch games. Even better is that many of these games are free-to-play so that a player doesn't have to drop fifty bucks to try them out. While there are ...
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Aug 09 2016
the secret world eidolon
Every so often, something happens in the mmorpg scene that reminds us of exactly what sets it apart from standard gaming. The Nightmare Eidolon in The Secret World is one such thing. For over 6 months, fans of The Secret World have looked on in hopelessness at what could possibly be one of the toughest bosses in gaming history. Due to the combination of an incredibly punishing combat system, a challenging team system and a frightful boss, ...
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Jul 08 2016
The Secret World fourth anniversary event now live
It's hard to believe that it's been four years since The Secret World mmo bore into our brains like a virus. The insanely immersive game has attracted a dedicated following, and many of the game's missions have become legendary for their fiendish difficulty. Well, players can celebrate all things weird and horrific as the fourth The Secret World anniversary event is now underway, offering some new content, extra xp, and even the return of some po...
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Jun 29 2016
Why we love The Secret World Museum of the Occult feature
The Secret World is one of the most immersive mmorpg games on the market today. Its shadowy world of myth, horror, and secret conspiracies is woven together into an unique experience. Since the game launched, additional features have been added, and the latest one is the Museum of the Occult, which acts as a form of quasi-player housing. Let's cast a summoning spell and check for listening devices as we discuss why we love The Secret World Museum...
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Jun 29 2016
The Secret World Issue 15 live
The game is afoot, Watson! Well, that's the phrase from countless Sherlock Holmes movies that comes to mind as The Secret World Issue 15 is now live for the conspiracy-laden mmorpg. Players need to be prepared to put their thinking caps on if they want to crack the case in this latest update titled The Sleuth's Gallery. I'm pretty sure that every mystery can be explained without the inclusion of the supernatural....The Secret World Issue 15: ...
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May 12 2016
the secret world trailer
"Every myth, every legends and every conspiracy is true. Everything is true." The opening monologue of the new 2016 trailer for The Secret World pretty much sums the game up prefectly. With some of the craziest plots, the weirdest open world setting and seemingly limitless possibilities, The Secret World puts a whole new spin on the term "fantasy". It has a lot going for it and, in an era when players are more picky than ever with their mmo gam...
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May 03 2016