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  • The Secret World: skill

    The Secret World: skill
    The Secret World uses a skill, rather than level, based system. Use skill and actions points to specialize and learn new abilities...
    The Secret World: skill

    The Secret World: char

    The Secret World: char
    There are many customization options available in The Secret World....
    The Secret World: char

    The Secret World: combat

    The Secret World: combat
    Get ready for third person shooter combat as well as many puzzles and riddles....
    The Secret World: combat

    The Secret World: dodge

    The Secret World: dodge
    Rather than simply tanking damage, you will need to try and avoid taking damage. Use your dodge to reposition and avoid hits....
    The Secret World: dodge

The Secret World Gameplay

The Secret World Gameplay

The Secret World is a fantasy MMORPG from Funcom with a captivating conspiracy-ridden storyline and a freeform character progression system. The Secret World breaks away from the standard fantasy fare of most rpg games online by transporting players into the a hidden reality on Earth. Your new initiate will have to join one of three ancient societies which work together – and also compete against each other – to keep order in The Secret World while the rest of humanity is kept in the dark. The Dragon faction are based in a nondescript district in Korea and wield deadly martial and mental arts to instigate violent to ultimately achieve harmony. The empire-building Illuminati in New York work to influence the political and economic order and bend these considerable resources to their clandestine goals. The third society is the Templars, whose long tradition of loyalty and military might crown them as the righteous purgers of evil.

Your new initiate character will have join one of these three rival societies to rid the unknown horrors threatening the Earth. While each society’s means and ends might differ, their ultimate intention is the same – keep constant vigil to protect humanity at all costs. Once chosen, a faction cannot be changed so pick wisely. Players then take on missions that will gain them experience and gear, as well as uncover the twisting tale tied to each faction’s single-player mission campaign. Large scale PvP is also available in the form of persistent warzones. The Secret World uses the same engine as the free online rpg Age of Conan to bring its surrealistic environments and battlefields to life, from the gritty streets of New York to the mythical city of Agartha.

A controversial decision was made by The Secret World developers to drop the leveling and class systems in favor of a purely skill-based character advancement system. This was done intentionally to break the boundaries related to grinding experience and min-maxing a given class. Initiates will instead have to pick through hundreds of powers and build their fully customized hero. Want to wield magic? Then specialize in those mystical arcane arts. Craving for some shooter action? Train in explosive firearms and blast foes to smithereens. Weapon and clothing choices are similarly unrestricted; you can wear anything and everything you want. The Secret World delivers a premium fantasy world filled with realistic graphics, a compelling scenario and boundless character creation options.

By Rachel Rosen


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