The Repopulation rolls out dynamic events system

By Michael Jamias
the repopulation events system

Local area and MMO-wide events turn more dynamic and easier to track with The Repopulation's new events system.

In its latest blog post, developer Above and Beyond Technologies explained the beauty of its more robust events system.

The Repopulation players will need to stay sharp because at any moment area events may now trigger and change their current area environments. Certain engagements, dens or missions will only be available during a particular event. An event may even create new models or hotspots. This makes adventuring in the online rpg more thrilling due to the increased unpredictability.

The same dynamic concept has been applied to the world events, but on a much bigger scale. Developers can use the events system to turn whole parts of the game world into so-called Event Trigger locations that factors into where sought-after World Spawns will appear.

This is made possible since developers have tweaked the events system to be able to gather more player and environment data, which aids in implementing more responsive local area and world events.

Other innovations that came with The Repopulation August patch include new happiness-boosting buildings, combat improvements, additional resources on specific areas, and a batch of new Siege engagements. Loot drops have also been tweaked, as well as allowing PvP structures to be damaged and destroyed, opening up new tactical options for combatants.

The Repopulation is currently on closed Alpha Round 2 testing.


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