The Repopulation hits Kickstarter stretch goal for Adversarial Camps

By Michael Jamias
the repopulation adversarial camps

The Repopulation Kickstarter campaign is on a roll, reaching its second stretch goal which will bring Adversarial Camps to the online rpg.

What are Adversarial Camps? Developers describe it as new spawn system that snowballs into dangerous roving mob groups in the mmo world.

At first, a camp will spawn and will grow in size and threat until players defeat it. This gives players a dynamic mix of challenges. Probably one day while soloing you will encounter and defeat a newly spawned camp. Then the next you and your friends get wiped out by a dangerous camp that has already slain hundreds that dared face it.

The next stretch goal now is an extension to the engagement system called Points of Intrigue, which are areas that when captured bestow buffs to any player that visits it.

For the PvE version, players who work together to capture these Points of Intrigue will be able to provide long-lasting stat boosts to anyone questing or traveling through the area.

For the PvP version, nations will have to battle against each other for control of Point of Intrigue. Once captured, it provides buffs to that Nation's members only, as well as minor benefits for the controlling Nation's allies if they choose to do so. Nations will have to work together to capture Points of Intrigue to flex their dominance in the server realm.


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