The Repopulation launches second Kickstarter round

By Michael Jamias
the population second kickstarter round

Back in July 2012, Above and Beyond Technologies secured more than $50,000 for the development of The Repopulation through a Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign. Now it's hoping fans awash with Christmas generosity and cash will fork over at least $50,000 more in a second Kickstarter round.

The initial $50,000 went into adding more people, polishing the game's visuals and adding features like an Underwater City. This time around the goal is to pack meatier content into the sci-fi based MMORPG before it launches. Beta testing is already scheduled sometime in March 2014.

Funds from the second Kickstarter round will bankroll development for fringe features that fans have suggested over the past year, or nifty features that could make for a more bombastic free online rpg.

Stretch goals for exceeding $50,000 include funding for new mounts, adversarial camps, traveling shops, PvP gladiator arena, voice acting improvements, and even possibly start development for space flight if they reach a cool $1 million by January 27.

If you don't have cash to spare for another pledge, then you can help out The Repopulation get greenlit on Steam.

The game has also launched its Steam Greenlight campaign, and the more fans that rate it up, the more likely it will become available on the wildly popular digital platform. This will ultimately help developers secure more fans and funding.


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