The Repopulation News

The Repopulation HeroEngine drama heats up
It's been a rough Christmas for players of The Repopulation mmorpg. The game's alpha servers were shut down last week due to financial issues concerning Idea Fabrik, the company that created HeroEngine, the underlying engine that powers the game. From all accounts, the situation was totally out of The Repopulation's control, and hope was instilled that the entire situation would be resolved as quickly as possible. Well it appears that The Repopul...
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Dec 31 2015
The Repopulation alpha servers offline
Today has been a grim day for news on mmo games. First, it was announced that Triad Wars was shutting down for good, and now we learn that The Repopulation alpha servers are going offline. We reported earlier this month that the game was facing issues due to the creator of the game's engine, Idea Fabrik, had run into financial problems. Concerns were raised that such issues could disrupt the game, and it is now clearly evident that those fears ha...
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Dec 23 2015
The Repopulation Hero Engine issues
There are a lot of issues that can impact an mmo game, but it must be incredibly frustrating for the game's developers to have a problem come from an outside source. Such a situation is brewing for The Repopulation online game developed by Above and Beyond Technologies. It seems that there are The Repopulation Hero Engine issues that may cause the game to shut down. The development team took to the game's forums to apprise the players of what's g...
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Dec 01 2015
the repopulation new siege system
Sieges are making a comeback in The Repopulation, hopefully bigger and better than its initial outing with the help of mmo developer tweaks. The Repopulation's new siege system will debut as part of the Path 15.9.1 which rolls out on September 22 10AM EST.The new siege system will be rolled out in several phases in order to test the system and check for PvP balancing issues, which had been one of its weaker points in its previous iteration. ...
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Sep 22 2015
the repopulation undergound cities
Why remain a steadfast surface dweller when you can burrow into a spacious underground lair? Leave it to The Repopulation to make a solid case for underground cities by allotting a huge space for them.Delivered through the freshly pressed 15.2.1 patch, The Repopulation underground cities feature gets unlocked as early as level 4 of your nation city. Players can place a teleporter above ground that will take them to the underground area, which...
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Apr 04 2015
The Repopulation Steam Early Access begins
News for the sci-fi sandbox mmo, The Repopulation, has been quiet for some time, but that's all going to change now. The NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for the game has now been lifted so those who have been testing and playing the game can now freely share their views on it. Another big development is that The Repopulation Steam Early Access has now started as well. The full press release for The Repopulation Steam early access reads, "Merry Ch...
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Dec 22 2014
The Repopulation to add servers and players
November was a good month for The Repopulation as the sandbox mmorpg saw an influx of new players. These additional numbers helped test The Repopulation alpha state of the game, which did cause the server to buckle several times due to the increased load. Yet this alpha testing was a success and the game looks to build upon it in December. The developers of The Repopulation have just posted an End of November 2014 Report that states, "November w...
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Dec 03 2014
The Repopulation monthly update
It's always refreshing to see an mmo game communicate on a regular basis with their players. This is especially important pre-launch as a game goes through its alpha and beta testing phases. That's why it's gratifying to see the latest The Repopulation monthly update that focuses on the latest round of alpha testing for the sci-fi mmo. No one can deny that the game is ambitious in scope, and the monthly update reflects that vision with a lau...
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Jun 02 2014
the repopulation adversarial camps
The Repopulation Kickstarter campaign is on a roll, reaching its second stretch goal which will bring Adversarial Camps to the online rpg. What are Adversarial Camps? Developers describe it as new spawn system that snowballs into dangerous roving mob groups in the mmo world. At first, a camp will spawn and will grow in size and threat until players defeat it. This gives players a dynamic mix of challenges. Probably one day while soloing you wil...
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Jan 13 2014
the population second kickstarter round
Back in July 2012, Above and Beyond Technologies secured more than $50,000 for the development of The Repopulation through a Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign. Now it's hoping fans awash with Christmas generosity and cash will fork over at least $50,000 more in a second Kickstarter round. The initial $50,000 went into adding more people, polishing the game's visuals and adding features like an Underwater City. This time around the goal is to pa...
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Dec 28 2013