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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is a free MMO action game created and published by Home Net Games. The game transports players to the Age of Piracy. They are given the opportunity to become pirate captains and sail the Caribbean seas in search for treasures and glory. They will discover new areas as they navigate the waters and fight against fellow The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt players and PvE enemies. Those who prove themselves worthy in battle gain the Crimson King of the Antilles title, however, getting this honor is not an easy job. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt players will build a fleet, upgrade it, customize it and lead it into battle.

There are lots of customization options. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is not an online RPG but it has plenty of customization features. Each player is in control of a fleet consisting of multiple ships. There is no restriction regarding the fleet size. Players can have as many ships as they can afford and manage. There are 20 unique types of ships available. Each type has its particularities so players can customize their fleet by selecting ships with various roles. The ship upgrade system has 30 different upgrades that can be applied to vessels. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt players will also customize their captains. There are 20 captain skills that can be unlocked. Each skill gives players access to various features and broadens the customization system. Captains will earn experience from game activities and level up. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt players control ships in battle. They must be prepared to experience the fight from different perspectives as multiple ships can be controlled during the encounters. Ships must be equipped with proper ammo in order to damage enemy units. Players can deal damage using the classic cannonballs, grapeshot bombs, doubles and chain balls. Some ships can be equipped with special weapons such as barrels that deal explosive damage on impact, burning oil and battering rams. It's also possible to board the enemy ship. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt players that want to use this strategy should make sure to equip some ships with pre-boarding attacks. There are also different types of battles. Players get to test their skills in escort, smuggler, convoy, military and other types of encounters. There are battles where players can assault a fort using their fleet.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt content includes story driven campaign, PvP modes and PvE activities. Players will discover the game world as they complete story missions. There are five game nations and players can earn reputation with all of them. The game also has strategy features. Players can construct buildings and bases. A group of players can control a base. MMO player interaction is achieved with cross platform multiplayer. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is available for PC and mobile platforms.

By Rachel Rosen

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