The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot trailer shows off castle themes

By Michael Jamias
the mighty quest for epic loot trailer castle themes

Seven cool castle themes are coming to the action rpg, from traditional medieval to lava fissures to acid pits.

This latest The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot trailer, recorded in the form of a cheeky commercial sales pitch, takes you through the initial castle theme options you can use when building your loot fortress.

Do you want intruders to literally die in a fire? Then spruce up your castle with a lava pit theme, complete with embers rising from the disintegrating lava pool and dragon head decorations. Or if you'd rather see looters chemically peeled to their bones, then the green acid pool castle theme will be to your liking.

Or perhaps you'd like it creepier and gloomier, in which case, the haunted castle theme should right up your design alley.

All seven castle themes can be purchased to make your castle interiors stand out from the crowd.

MMORPG fans can also transform their characters with headwear, from pumpkin head Halloween exclusives to swashbuckling pirate caps available for all three starter classes.

Both the castle themes and headwear customization options will be released in this month's The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot update. Other new features include additional gear abilities, 20 fresh castle rooms, and more.


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