The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot swings into open beta

By Michael Jamias
the mighty quest for epic loot open beta start

Castle builders and treasure looters rejoice! The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot open beta is now upon us.

Ubisoft is now inviting everyone to test out their free to play fantasy action rpg that plays like Diablo but with less grit and more bite-sized.

Playing as one of four classes -- Knight, Archer, Mage or Runaway -- you can choose to focus on breaking into other mmo players' castles and try to overcome their resident monsters and well-placed traps. Succeed and you'll walk away with untold treasures.

Or you can become a master castle builder that relishes in inflicting maximum pain to anyone that tries to steal your most valuable possessions. The more heroes that fail to raid your castle, the more wealth and achievements you accumulate.

If you haven't seen it yet, this Mighty Quest for Epic Loot open beta trailer gives a great summary of the castle-based mayhem to be had:

Even though The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a free to play title, it operates under the microtransactions-optional free to play mmo model. (Hey, developers have to earn somehow.) So expect to grind for some features and unlocks, especially for the castle building portion of the game, if you don't want to shell out cash.


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