The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot cranks out first developer diary

By Michael Jamias
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The who's who behind The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot take to the camera to discuss the game's design philosophy and process.

Game director Arnaud Jamin along with a few other top developers and designers took us through the nitty gritty of creating this hack and slash online rpg. Watch their candid tell-all in this The Mighty Quest dev diary part 1 video:

There's a lot to learn from this video. First, game director Arnaud Jamin believes that fans will love the game for two reason: Its hack and slash action gameplay, and unique loot defense feature where you create booby-trapped castles to prevent other players from stealing your loot treasures.

Production Julien Champagne also revealed that it has been a year already since the game first went live to family and friends, meaning that it should be pretty polished by now.

Team lead artist Genevieve Routhier, meanwhile, gives a lesson to budding MMO artists on how to give an offbeat humorous personality to a game -- just use contrasts and proportion, like in making a super dangerous Cyclops boss do something as gross as picking its nose. We find out as well that the game originally had a dark fantasy theme but they decided to go with a dorkily funny theme instead.

Game monetization designer Morain Mclaughlin also gives a sigh of relief to fans who initially thought that The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will have content pay walls. Mclaughlin assured that players can finish the whole game without spending hard currency. But the game does take a few pointers from successful free mmorpg games, offering a lot of convenience and customization paid options to keep the game profitable while keeping the game fairly balanced regardless of how much money you have sunk into the game.


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