First Female Playable Character in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

By Tam Mageean
mighty quest for epic loot the runaway

The first female, playable character has been unveiled for dungeon smashing MMO; The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Meet the Runaway; a muse that is leaving her melodious lifestyle behind her in the hunt for adventure and mischief.

This is the fourth playable Hero to join The Mighty Quest and the most powerful too! She may be slower in combat, but our young runaway makes up for that in style, sound and smashyness from her uniquely customized weapon.

The Runaway wields a huge musical axe suitable for mid-range melee madness. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has gone from strength to strength, and has had no real issues during its beta phase. Additions to the MMO's beta like new characters, topped with the regular castle-crashing events Ubisoft have been hosting, prove that this is a well polished game already, with great things to come.

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Screenshot

The Runaways release into the game has yet to be revealed, but with their showcase at the Eurogamer Expo just around the corner, it's likely to be sooner, rather than later.

If you're yet to try out The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot; the beta has been frequently cycling between open and closed lately, so keep checking, and you might just find a way in. Other than that, its release date has been announced by Ubisoft as "soon". Thanks, guys.

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