The Cold War Era introduces proxy war in 1.03 update

By Michael Jamias
the cold war era 1 03 update proxy war

The military strategy mmo will be receiving a visual facelift and a way to fight in neutral countries.

The Cold War Era is getting a slew of interface improvements in the upcoming 1.03 update, said developer Alina Digital. There is no set release date yet for the 1.03 update only that it is coming out "soon."

The historical war online rpg will also see the arrival of the exciting new combat Proxy War system, which will allow players to wage war even in neutral countries.

The feature did not make it into the release day version of The Cold War Era because of time and funding constraints at that time, said the developer.

The Proxy War system is seen to vastly expand the game into "one big map of geopolitical battles" and breaks the monotony of fighting only in Europe. Of course with the expanded fighting regions, strategies will also evolve considering the new mechanics that the new neutral countries bring in.

Players can absorb a neutral country into its sphere of influence through revolution requiring a set of prerequisites including the country having a highly unstable government (Opposition 80+) and exerting a higher influence on the country than your opponent.

The tug-of-war for neutral countries then comes into play. You will need to keep an eye out for nasty coup d’états that will flip the country to your opponent's side, and you will have several means to keep the citizens aligned such as hosting pro-government parades. Players can even send military troops to prevent a full-blown revolution and keep a country neutral.


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