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  • The Cold War Era: options

    The Cold War Era: options
    The options menu for this real-time strategy is limited. The soundtrack gives the game a suspensful feel but it can be muted....
    The Cold War Era: options

    The Cold War Era: versus

    The Cold War Era: versus
    The Cold War Era focuses on the tension between the US and USSR after World War 2. Spread either capaitalism or communism througho...
    The Cold War Era: versus

    The Cold War Era: technology

    The Cold War Era: technology
    The technology tree is a way of gaining influence throughout the world. Be the first to complete these researches to gain a larger...
    The Cold War Era: technology

    The Cold War Era: news

    The Cold War Era: news
    Watch the news page towards the bottom to see where your enemy is operating and act accordingly. You can see them inciting riots o...
    The Cold War Era: news

The Cold War Era Gameplay

The Cold War Era Gameplay

The cold war between the US and the Soviet Union returns with a vengeance in The Cold War Era mmorts developed by Alina Digital. Players choose to represent either the US or the Soviet Union and see who can dominate in the cold war era between 1950 and 2000. By any means necessary, be it military strength, propaganda to win hearts and minds, spy networks, or the race to be first in space, players will attempt to spread the influence of their chosen country and to roll back the influence and power of their enemy.

The Cold War Era focuses on the player having fun, not clicking madly away. Games only take an hour to play, so the action and tension are always wound tight as time is ticking away as you play. Play begins in the 1950s when the cold war began almost immediately after World War II and players will wage their silent war over the course of four decades during that time. You can play single player against a wily computer AI or go head-to-head with other players.

Every action you take in this strategy mmo game requires the expenditure of money from your country's budget, which is calculated on a yearly basis. Your budget in The Cold War Era can be used to finance a number of different means to increase your influence. You can add military units, set up a spy network, fund pro-government parades or anti-government protests, or engage in the high-tech space race. Your goal is to bolster those countries allied with you that lie under your sphere of influence while also fostering rebellion and chaos in those countries opposed to you with the eventual hope that those non-aligned countries will come under your control. The space race adds a unique and compelling component as it truly raises the stakes. Being the first in any endeavor in the space race will result in a large amount of influence, but the costs associated with it are extremely steep. Players will need to keep an eye on their opponent and their own budget at the same time.

The Cold War Era has a clean and simple interface, but the feature that immerses the player in the times is the unique in-game TV and news stream. If you deploy troops to a country, you'll see actual news footage of those troops setting off. If you're playing as the US and are the first one to send a man into space, you'll see footage of Alan Shepard. If you're playing as the Soviet and get to space first, the news feed will show Yuri Gagarin. With the TV news feed, you'll visually see the results of your decisions being played out.

The Cold War Era takes players back to a setting rarely found in rts games. Make your decision and choose to play either as the Soviet Union or the United States. Will you be able to rewrite history and change the course of events?

By Jeff Francis


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