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  • The Chosen: character

    The Chosen: character
    The Chosen does not have too many choices when creating your character. Simply pick your face, hair style, color, facial feature a...
    The Chosen: character

    The Chosen: skill

    The Chosen: skill
    As you level up you gain skill points. Place these into the skill tree to unlock new spells and abilities....
    The Chosen: skill

    The Chosen: quest

    The Chosen: quest
    The Chosen uses an auto move system for quests that take you to objectives. Remember to spend stat points as you level. Magic all ...
    The Chosen: quest

    The Chosen: combat

    The Chosen: combat
    Combat is straight forward. Highlight an enemy and use abilities to kill them. You can setup auto attack commands that will use yo...
    The Chosen: combat

The Chosen Gameplay

The Chosen Gameplay

The Chosen is a Chinese themed fantasy, free to play mmorpg, developed and published by Snail Games. The eternal light vs. dark, good vs. evil conflict is the main theme of The Chosen. Players take the role of a hero striving to save the world. They will get help from pets, companions and guildies. The Chosen has PvP content in the form of duels, arena and faction battles. There is an impressive amount of PvE missions and tasks. Social features come in handy when players need a break from saving the world.

The Chosen factions are called Dynasties. Gameplay is not influenced by dynasty choice. There are 5 dynasties to choose from: Tang, Qin, Song, Ming and Han. Players can literally earn “the Chosen” title in game by taking part in weekly dynasty battles. The decisive factor for your specialization will be class choice. Picking a class is quite easy because The Chosen mmo classes are based on weapons. The Sword and Blades classes use melee weapons. Both of them can tank or dps. The Bow class is for ranged damage dealers. The Flute class has crowd control abilities. Fan is a dps class that performs well in PvP. Scroll is a hybrid dps and healing class. There are 12 skill points: 6 for single target and 6 for area of effect abilities. They can be distributed to build unique characters.

One of the features of The Chosen free online rpg that deserves a closer look is the Pet System. Players can train pets for combat. The Daily Pet Task Administrators can be found in Xiaoming City and Imperial City. The Chosen pet system is complex. Pets must be fed appropriate food, groomed and trained. They gain levels and enhance their combat performance. Pets can be used for treasure hunting. More pets can be acquired from the game shop. At level 20, each player will get a mount to increase movement speed. Mounts can be owned permanently or they go away after a certain period of time. Just like pets, mounts must be fed.

The auto combat system makes The Chosen fights easier. Players don't need to bother with outleveled or outgeared mobs. They can just select which combat abilities to use and the fight carries on automatically. Joining a guild has quite a few benefits. Guildies can team up and complete guild tasks for money and experience. The in game economy system allows players to trade items. There are 5 different currency types in The Chosen free rpg. Players can sign up for arena and earn rewards for killing other players. There are all sorts of weekly or daily events that will make gamers spend lots of hours playing The Chosen.

By Rachel Rosen

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