The Banner Saga Factions launches

By Michael Jamias
the banner saga factions launches

The Banner Saga Factions unfurls its gritty Viking adventure and turn-based rpg battles today.

The art direction for this indie title is quite arresting. Watch this official The Banner Saga launch trailer to see if you'll be as compelled to check out the game as we were:

Releasing for the PC and Mac, The Banner Saga Factions tells the story of a ragtag, roving band of Vikings trying to survive in a godless world where they are hunted down by dark forces. It may not have the most original of plots or combat mechanics, but Banner Saga Factions shows how polished execution can make all the difference in making the game feel a lot fresher than your dime-a-dozen cookie-cutter free to play mmo.

If you're in love with the music of this game (well from what little you hear in the trailer), then you'll want to thank Grammy nominated and BAFTA-winning composer Austin Wintory for the evocative tunes.

The Banner Saga is available now through Steam, UPlay, GameFly, GameStop and Gamers Gate for PC and Mac. A digital Deluxe Edition is also available through select retailers, which includes the game and complete soundtrack.


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