The Aurora World lowers the gates to Invisible Dungeon

By Michael Jamias
the aurora world invisible dungeon

No, it's not really invisible. But that slightly technicality does not diminish the difficulty of this newest The Aurora World dungeon.

From the trailer above, we see that some infernal-looking bosses, including a multi-armed goddess.

The Aurora World publisher GBE Games said the all-new dungeon, which is now live, will be one of the more  "dangerously difficulty" ones in the fantasy MMORPG.

It seems the name Invisible Dungeon was a figurative rather than a literal description. See, the dungeon is filled with mystery and intrigue. It is also home to the insatiably restless spirit of a woman punished by the Gods for her haughtiness, and who will happen to be the final boss challenge.

The Invisible Dungeon is designed for players level 58 and up. Successfully clearing the bosses and the dungeon will reward players with level 60 gear items, which will be some of the most powerful found in the free online rpg to-date. All classes will be receiving nifty new gear.

But to obtain these precious equipment upgrades, dungeon runners must overcome three mini-bosses: a trident-wielding menace, a butchered abomination and a demon that could stand in for Diablo himself. Only after defeating the three mini-bosses can adventurers take on the final evil seductress, and hopefully put her out of her misery.


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