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  • The Aurora World: Classes

    The Aurora World: Classes
    Choose from one of four classes; each class has two secondary classes....
    The Aurora World: Classes

    The Aurora World: Combat

    The Aurora World: Combat
    Basic combat; attacks are fast but it appears that you must be stationary when fighting....
    The Aurora World: Combat

    The Aurora World: Environment

    The Aurora World: Environment
    The world is full of diverse environments and bright colours....
    The Aurora World: Environment

    The Aurora World: Skills

    The Aurora World: Skills
    Customize your character with unique skill combos that deal devestating damage....
    The Aurora World: Skills

The Aurora World Official trailer

The Aurora World Official trailer

The Aurora World, developed by Aurora Interactive and published by GBE Games, is an online RPG. Although unknown on the US and EU market, The Aurora World is super popular in China and Korea. The Aurora World has a fantasy theme and 3D graphics. The original launch was in 2010 and The Aurora World rapidly gained lots of subscribers. GHE Games partnered with Aurora Interactive to bring The Aurora World into US gaming market. Both the developing and publishing company are confident that The Aurora World will be just as well received in US as in China and Korea.

The Aurora World main theme is centered on a massive conflict between gods. This war shattered the whole world and ended all civilization. With time, life bloomed once again and 3 nations rose to power. They are all fighting a war against evil but also each other. Players have to pick one of the 3 nations (factions): Eos, Helion and Selene. The Aurora World has a class system with 8 distinct class types. These are often called professions. There are 4 main class types and each has 2 subclasses. The main classes are: Warrior, Alchemist, Mage and Witch. The mastery system allows The Aurora World characters to become stronger. Besides class types, players can also choose crafting professions. Players can create their own items if they have enough crafting skill. Lots of story driven quests will help players understand the lore behind The Aurora World RPG. There are daily quests as well. Those who complete them will be properly rewarded. The Aurora World has events. Just like daily quests, events also have prizes for participants. The game world is huge and getting from one place to another can be a lengthy journey. Majinns is a The Aurora World feature that allows players to have mounts and pets. A companion can act as a mount and, in combat, it changes into a battle pet.

A good deal of PvE content is great but, The Aurora World game developers know that’s not enough to keep all players entertained. Some gamers prefer to fight human players not AI controlled mobs and bosses. PK (player killing) is the The Aurora World system that enables fights between human users. The Aurora World has large scale PvP fights with up to 300 participants. This type of PvP is called nation wars. Another PvP activity is called PK arena. The Aurora World clans or guilds are large, permanent groups of players. One of the most exciting MMORPG features is social interaction. The best way to come in contact with other The Aurora World players is joining a clan. Battles between The Aurora World clans are called clan wars. The Aurora World runs on its own game engine and displays beautiful graphics.

By Rachel Rosen


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