Terraria update 1.2 rolls out on consoles

By Tam Mageean
terraria update

Graphical improvements, new bosses and over 1000 new items have been added in the enormous Terraria 1.2 update. The console version of the metroid-meets-minecraft mmo was released two years after the PC version, meaning that it's developmentally behind, but update 1.2 has thrust the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions back into the running.

With the updated version, console fans of the 2D, sandbox mmorpg will be able to enjoy a lot of the big features that PC gamers have been taking full advantage of for around 6 months now; experiencing what is essentially an entirely new game by comparison.

Terraria Screenshot

New features include 4 new bosses, 8 new NPC's, over 100 new enemies, 15 new pets and much, much more.

On the crafting front, on top of new crafting stations, wands, and the aforementioned 1000 new items, there are also new recipes, materials and tinker combinations, meaning that the amount of stuff you can create on your own has undergone an exponential increase too.

You can view a full list of all of the new additions and gaming balances here, on the original 1.2 patch notes from last September.

Be sure to check them out, and let us know what new Terraria features you're looking forward to most in the comments section below.


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