Terraria coming to PS Vita on December 17

By Michael Jamias
terraria ps vita december 17

Terraria digs its way to another mobile device, this time the PS Vita portable gaming console.

On December 17 the Terraria PS Vita version will be available to download from the PlayStation Store for $14.99.

It boasts of new features such as PS Vita Cross-Platform Play, effectively allowing PS Vita players to interact and game with their PS3 system brethren.

The controls for this subterranean exploration-combat-crafting rpg have also been optimized for the PS Vita control system, with Touch Support thrown in for good measure. There's also a more intuitive crafting and item interface. New players who have never played Terraria on any other platform can even rely on the revamped tutorial world to get a hang of its decidedly sandbox-like mechanics. (Although not playing Terraria is becoming increasingly hard given its ubiquitous presence on almost all gaming platforms.)

Terraria PS Vita players who want to engage in online multiplayer fun can also do so. Through the PlayStation Network, you can form up to 8-man groups to topple bosses, erect magnificent constructs or simply murder each other in free-for-all PvP.

Terraria PS Vita version owners also get a sweet insider look at the upcoming Terraria 1.2 update, which includes over a dozen new items and recipes, 2 completely new armor sets, fresh Zombie and Demon Eye mobs to vanquish and loot.

Achievement-holics trained in the mmorpg tradition of grinding for glory can also get their share of thrill by completing the PlayStation Network trophies or climbing the leaderboards. Both features are included in the PS Vita version.


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