Terraria mobile hits 1.3 million downloads as Lunar update looms

By Michael Jamias
terraria mobile 1 3 million downloads

Just in case you didn't know yet, the mobile versions of Terraria are gaining quite a horde of fans.

Terraria mobile hit 1.3 million downloads, according to an ecstatic press release from publisher 505 Games, counting both iOS and Android full-game downloads.

Breaking down the Terraria mobile 1.3 million downloads, around 77% or 1 million paid downloads came from iOS devices. This suggests that Apple aficionados have been particularly charmed by this subterranean action rpg.

The console versions of Terraria are also amassing a significant fan base, with reports of 1 million combined downloads across the Xbox Live, PSN and PS Vita platforms.

With millions discovering the fun adventures to be had in this dirt-digging, world-building mmo, more updates are being churned out to satisfy fans.

The latest one on the horizon is 1.2.4 update, which is now in the "final stages" and will serve as the preparatory content for the major Lunar update.

Developers have released the small spoiler image for the upcoming content drop seen below, which shows an island environment with a trio of bees hovering above a character:

Terraria screenshot 1.2.4 update

Facebook fans have already been cracking jokes like "Not the bees!" What's your take on this spoiler image?


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