Terraria tunnels out to iOS devices

By Michael Jamias
terraria ios version release

iOS fans may have had to wait almost a month more than their Android brethren, but that's all forgiven -- Terraria for iOS is here!

The sandbox-adventure-survival rpg spent that extra time perfecting its port to the iOS devices, namely iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Developers said the Terraria iOS mobile version comes with crisper redesigned controls and better game balance. We all know how the multi-touch function in iOS devices can make unoptimized games feel either unresponsive or too responsive. But with the redesigned controls, navigating the menus and executing combat commands should feel just right.

Terraria for iOS also received some intensive retina display optimization, which gives it that extra polished look when displayed on all three devices (In fact, it may even outshine many of those fancy browser mmo games you've been playing these days.)

Similar to the Android version, the iOS version also fully supports Game Center leader boards and achievements for all you competitive types. It's also integrated to Facebook, allowing you to quickly share those awesome screenshots. Chances are, you'll be able to recruit some of your pals to the Terraria hype train after seeing what you've been up to in the charming pixel world.


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