Terraria mobile versions tunneling out this summer

By Michael Jamias
terraria for mobile phone tablet

This summer, the side-scrolling sandbox game Terraria will be heading to mobile phones and tablets.

The release of both mobile versions is the next step in Terraria developer 505 Games' aggressive expansion plans for the hit subterranean action rpg.

It was only last February when the originally PC-only title landed on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms -- which opened it up for play to millions of XBLA and PSN users -- and now the game is set to conquer the casual MMO gamer-dominated mobile market with its simple but addicting dig-fight-explore-build mechanics.

When the developer brought Terraria to the consoles, it shipped it with an HD split-screen multiplayer option with up to 8 players supported at the same time.

It is doing the same for the mobile versions, adding a list of social enhancements that are meant to spur creative and achiever gamers.

For example, the Terraria mobile versions will support leader boards, achievements and Facebook integration that enable gamers to share screenshots of their digging expeditions or to boast about their uber creations.

Terraria for mobile platforms will be developed by the independent Dutch game studio Codeglue, which specializes in bringing games to smartphones and tablets. Codeglue games include Rocket Riot, HydroTilt and ibb & obb.


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