Console-bound Terraria releases new trailer

By Michael Jamias
terraria console trailer

New video shows how Terraria, the subterranean action rpg, will play like when it crosses over from the PC to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next month.

The new trailer from 505 Games, the developer bringing Terraria to both consoles platforms, highlights the fresh console controls, 4-player split screen, 8-player multiplayer and extra content coming with the mmorpg port.

The split-screen multiplayer will be available in HD only, and can support up to four players digging and shooting simultaneously in one screen. The 8-player multiplayer will require online connection support.

In terms of content, Terraria console players will be treated to a new tutorial where reminder texts will pop out below the screen to instruct beginners on how to make their way through the world, collect items and resources, and ultimately survive above and below ground. A helpful map will guide console fans through the expansive world of Terraria.

There will also be new armor and ultimate weapons to wield against the enhanced enemy roster and secret final boss. And to top it all off, fresh tunes will make the epic adventure through Terraria all the more thrilling. 505 Games is hoping that these additions will seem enticing enough to new players and accomplished veterans alike to give the game a go on the consoles.


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