Terraria tunnels out to Android devices

By Michael Jamias
terraria android version release

The charming action rpg, which has you digging and crafting to your heart's content, finally hits the Android platform.

Terraria has long been the proud exclusive of PC, Mac and console fans, but now Android mobile and tablet gamers can get in on its subterranean action adventures.

The Terraria Android version can be downloaded now via the Google Play store, but MMO fans won't be as lucky this time to play the whole game for free.

Android gamers will need to cough up $4.99 for the full game unlock. Those who stick to the free trial version will only be limited to the tutorial world and will not be able to save their progress.

Still, it's hard to deny the value that five-dollar purchase. Fans get to open up the entire Terraria world -- more than a dozen environments, 75+ monster types and 200+ crafting recipes -- and nets Android fans exclusive goodies such as an Android robot pet and access to Google Play leader boards and achievements.

The Android version -- like the iOS version -- was developed by Dutch developer Codeglue, and has been "tweaked and balanced" for optimal performance on the said platform. This translates to better touch controls and mobile play tutorials.

So far, reviews have been positive for the Android version, garnering an average 4.2 review score on the Google Play store. File size is 38 MB.


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