Terraria 2 is on the drawing board

By Tam Mageean
terraria 2 development

Andrew Spinks, creator of the spectacularly addictive MMORPG, Terraria has announced that he is working on Terraria 2. The ever popular Terraria has recently received a huge update and players are still as entertained as ever, but for Spinks, that just isn't enough.

ā€œIā€™m super excited about starting Terraria 2,ā€ he told RockPaperShotgun, explaining that although Terraria 1.2 is huge and adaptable, he needs an entire new platform built to fully push the game to its greatest potential. Features such as multiple worlds, biome diversity and endgame bosses never made their way to the original game, but Spinks hopes that by raising the game to the ground; from the ashes, a greater game will grow.

Terraria 2 cave

He joked that 1.2 will "probably be the last 7 month update" for Terraria, and that the next big advancements will be featured in the sequel instead. Fear not though Terrarians, updates will continue to make their way into the MMO, including a possible Halloween update and some form of end-game to draw it to a close, in preparation for the next chapter.

Terraria was famously made in 4 months, by one person, with a pocket full of change, and Spinks hopes to carry on his simplistic, low-overhead model to Terraria 2, but with a small development team to take some of the weight off. We still have a while to wait though, so let's go back to playing with 1.2's puppies!

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