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terraria seasonal update
Terraria cranks up the merriment with a seasonal update that introduces an avalanche of new holiday-themed items, features and decorations.Starting December 15, the Terraria Seasonal Update will turn the mmorpg into a more festive world with presents dropping from enemies. The update is free for all platforms, namely Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, Ps3 and PS Vita. Over 20 new items including tools, weapons and consumables will be added to the game...
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Dec 12 2014
terraria sequel
Back in the early days of the current virtual worlds generation, one moment, which has been captured by bloggers and LetsPlayers everywhere symbolized just how potentially endless and lifelong a sandbox mmo can be. That moment was Minecraft patch 1.2.0, which introduced gamers to the realm of the Nether - an antithesis to Minecraftia, fraught with peril. To this day, most Minecraft homes are built with a local, but wisely locked away Nether porta...
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Feb 19 2015
terraria new generation
Online rpg, Terraria is frequently compared with the mmo superpower, Minecraft, due to its blockey, miney, crafty madness. Now, it seems, Terraria and Minecraft are being likened for a completely different reason; global platform domination. At present, the 2D mmorpg is available on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Android and iOS, but, as many fans had predicted, a new-gen Terraria is in production. Last night, developers, 505 Games took to the Ter...
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Jun 04 2014
terraria update
Graphical improvements, new bosses and over 1000 new items have been added in the enormous Terraria 1.2 update. The console version of the metroid-meets-minecraft mmo was released two years after the PC version, meaning that it's developmentally behind, but update 1.2 has thrust the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions back into the running. With the updated version, console fans of the 2D, sandbox mmorpg will be able to enjoy a lot of t...
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Apr 21 2014
terraria mobile 1 3 million downloads
Just in case you didn't know yet, the mobile versions of Terraria are gaining quite a horde of fans. Terraria mobile hit 1.3 million downloads, according to an ecstatic press release from publisher 505 Games, counting both iOS and Android full-game downloads. Breaking down the Terraria mobile 1.3 million downloads, around 77% or 1 million paid downloads came from iOS devices. This suggests that Apple aficionados have been particularly charmed b...
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Mar 24 2014
terraria ps vita december 17
Terraria digs its way to another mobile device, this time the PS Vita portable gaming console. On December 17 the Terraria PS Vita version will be available to download from the PlayStation Store for $14.99. It boasts of new features such as PS Vita Cross-Platform Play, effectively allowing PS Vita players to interact and game with their PS3 system brethren. The controls for this subterranean exploration-combat-crafting rpg have also been opti...
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Dec 11 2013
terraria ios version release
iOS fans may have had to wait almost a month more than their Android brethren, but that's all forgiven -- Terraria for iOS is here! The sandbox-adventure-survival rpg spent that extra time perfecting its port to the iOS devices, namely iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Developers said the Terraria iOS mobile version comes with crisper redesigned controls and better game balance. We all know how the multi-touch function in iOS devices can make unopti...
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Oct 11 2013
terraria 2 development
Andrew Spinks, creator of the spectacularly addictive MMORPG, Terraria has announced that he is working on Terraria 2. The ever popular Terraria has recently received a huge update and players are still as entertained as ever, but for Spinks, that just isn't enough. “I’m super excited about starting Terraria 2,” he told RockPaperShotgun, explaining that although Terraria 1.2 is huge and adaptable, he needs an entire new platform built to fully p...
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Oct 03 2013
terraria android version release
The charming action rpg, which has you digging and crafting to your heart's content, finally hits the Android platform. Terraria has long been the proud exclusive of PC, Mac and console fans, but now Android mobile and tablet gamers can get in on its subterranean action adventures. The Terraria Android version can be downloaded now via the Google Play store, but MMO fans won't be as lucky this time to play the whole game for free. Android game...
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Sep 14 2013
terarria collectors edition na consoles
Terraria, the subterranean action rpg from indie maker Re-Logic, is bringing its Collector's Edition stateside. The Terraria Collector's Edition for consoles comes packed with the game (disc for Xbox 360 and download card for PlayStation®Network), a pickaxe USB flash drive, Terraria themed vellum stickers and a crafting poster. No word yet on how much on its retail price. In a separate Facebook post, developers said that the Collector's Edition...
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Jul 31 2013