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  • Terraria: justcuz

    Terraria: justcuz
    I make the roof before the base of my house. Why doesn't it fall on me? Just because physics!...
    Terraria: justcuz

    Terraria: shack

    Terraria: shack
    Now I am safe. I have my mud and wood hut....
    Terraria: shack

    Terraria: bow

    Terraria: bow
    Your basic bow is a very cheap and easy weapon and does pretty decent damage....
    Terraria: bow

    Terraria: npcs

    Terraria: npcs
    As you play Terraria, keep building your house. Adding more rooms will let more NPCs move in....
    Terraria: npcs

Terraria New Trailer

Terraria New Trailer

Dig into Terraria, the subterranean action RPG from indie developer Re-Logic. With the use of your trusty shovel, strike into the earth to explore the vast underground world of Terraria. You won’t just find earthworms and dirt. Hidden deep are accessories, money and other useful items that you can use to build and create your home above ground. Terraria was a surprise hit, beating the likes of The Witcher 2 in the best-selling list on Steam, selling close to 200,000 copies during its launch week. While the cartoon 2D graphics are nothing to write home about, it’s the simple but satisfying collect-and-build gameplay that has endeared this deep-digging title among fans of rpg games.

Players begin Terraria with simple exploration and survival tools – a copper axe, a copper pickaxe and a copper short sword. These will be your constant companions while exploring the sprawling underground caverns and overland areas in-game. Enemies abound and will try to bring your health down to zero, which when it happens, will result in your death. This is not a permanent death (aka permadeath), unless you are playing Hardcore mode. See, there are three difficulty modes from which players can choose. As their names suggest, the easiest is Softcore, then Mediumcore up to the most difficult Hardcore mode. Content is identical across all three, but the death penalties become harsher as you turn up the difficulty level up, up to a permadeath penalty at Hardcore mode. Permadeath means that characters that lose all their health will remain dead and will be erased completely from the selection screen.

There are two sides to Terraria. There is the thrilling action combat portion where you fight through increasingly perilous caverns and desserts. Then there is the engrossing resource gathering and world-building exercise, where you fight enemies not just for killing’s sake but to bankroll your ever-growing world. You can harvest more precious resources in more dangerous territories, but just make sure that your tools can handle the task at hand. The basic copper tolls handed to you at the start can be upgrade with higher-quality materials that make harvesting more efficient. Then when you haul back these resources to town, these can be crafted into new items, equipment and other cool knickknacks. Eventually with painstaking work and countless trips underground, you may even be able to build an impressive castle that will attract all throughout the land of Terraria.

By Rachel Rosen


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