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By Michael Jamias
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TERA brings on deathmatch-style snowball fights with the release of the Wintera Snowfield PvP map.

While other mmorpg games chose to celebrate the holidays with cutesy events, TERA picked the bloodthirsty path by letting you kill through a well-aimed chill shot.

The Wintera Snowfield teams you up into two 10-man groups that throws out class skills and replaces them with snowball skill shots, which you use to eliminate members of the enemy team.

Along with the Wintera Snowfield, the wacky guys at Bluehole Studios have also introduced the Kumasylum arena where you can play as two BAMs and proceed to annihilate whole Arborea's finest heroes.

Watch the Wintera and Kumasylum trailer video to see how this pair of PvP battlefields will heat up the TERA scene:

The Wintera Snowfield, which lasts until the first week of 2014, can be accessed through regular Battleground matching starting even at level 1. You can join a maximum of 10 snowball fights a day.

The winning team in each Wintera Snowfield match wins a trophy currency that can be exchanged for more than a dozen wonderful costume and consumable items such as a Santa Cap, Red Rudolf Hairband and Hot Cocoa.

Meanwhile, the Kumasylum event lets you transform into Kumas and fight against 10 other players. Who gets to play Kuma is randomly, but regardless, both sides can earn rewards for wiping out the opposing team.

Developers said Wintera Snowfield and Kumasylum will be the opening acts to what will be a fantastic start to 2014 for the online rpg. When both events end, there will be a big festival launched at the end of January that will unleash "countless new quests and practical items" which is most intriguing if you ask.


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