Tera Rising goes steampunk

By Tam Mageean
tera steampunk

Tera Rising has announced a Steampunk Themed update for October, packed with new dungeons, new bosses and new, brassy, steam powered, gear infused stuff to adorn your warriors with for both PvP and PvE adventures. Rare items are said to emanate steam from them too, as an added splash of awesome.

This isn't just a thoughtless stuff-package either, oh no. The update has been lovingly woven into the RPG through its very own mini web-comic, which is viewable on the official website. Lore would have it, that their steam-powered arsenal and arm-mounted pistons were forged deep beneath Balder's Castle as a means to hold back impending great beasts...and more threaten to return!

tera rising comic

Equip your Victoriana inspired costume, your gas mask and your clockwork sword and head off to one of Steampunk Workshop's 4 new dungeons; a 10 player Raid, a 7 player boss-dungeon, a 5 player dungeon and a restriction free, 3 player dungeon with one of 3 AI NPCs for support. Besides Channelworks, the 3-player restriction free instance, all other dungeons have been designed for teams of level 60 and up.
The 7 player dungeon, Kezzel's Gorge, features Kezzel the Giant, a new boss to Tera Rising who's trying to recover riches that are yours for the taking.

The update also brings 3 new festivals to the MMORPG, each with its own side-quests, themes and mini-games to keep you entertained, and will reward you with crucial items to help you forge your own steampunk goodies!

tera steampunk workshop


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