TERA sequel now hiring

By Michael Jamias
tera sequel hiring

Bluehole Studio, the creator of TERA, is on a talent hiring spree for a TERA sequel.

Korean games industry insider website THISISGAME broke the news that Bluehole Studio is recruiting developers as well as a full staff consisting artists, programmers, user interface designers.

The big question is whether this will be literally TERA 2 or simply a fast-action, free-targeting mmo in the same vein as TERA but based on an entirely new IP series.

The difference is not trivial. A TERA 2 would mean linking the new game’s storyline, races, classes and systems to a certain extent to the original. A direct sequel could also lead to cross-over subscriptions similar to what happened with Final Fantasy XI and its sequel, Final Fantasy XIV.

Meanwhile, a new IP series could free up the developers to create a whole new world and simply import features that worked or were popular in the original.

Whatever form the TERA sequel takes as, it does suggest that Bluehole Studio sees its free online rpg model as one that is worth emulating, at least in our view. Bluehole Studio would not have attached the name TERA to its new game if it was not confident that fans and potential hires would be excited enough to get on board.


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