New Flying Scythe class revealed in TERA

By Tam Mageean
tera scythe

Thanks to the translatory powers of TERA Online fan and TERA forum aficionado, Endia, some information about the upcoming Elin class in the mmorpg has been revealed.

The new TERA class, known as the "Flying Scythe User" in Korean, is an Elin-only class that uses dark magic and wields chain-bound flying scythes, or "Kusarigama", against enemies. Talk of the class being Elin-only and potentially overpowered; due to its combination of ranged and melee attack traits, has upset some fans, but the Elin race has been in desperate need of a boost, and hopefully the Flying Scythe User is the key to reviving the unfavored exiles.

The new class will be available for anyone who has a level 40 character, and the Flying Scythe User will join you, fully-loaded at level 50.

The official, Korean TERA website shows off a few varieties of Flying Scythe-only dresses, and new, Elin-wide faces and hairstyles, with the Elin's signature asymmetrical eyes. The Flying Scythe User also appears to have an impressive array of mid-long range attacks, that will engulf your enemies in dark energy and ensnare them in torturous chains.

No news on if or when the new class will make its way to the western localizations of the fantasy mmo, stay tuned to for more info as it unfolds.


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