TERA: Rising orders a Dungeon Assault on September 10

By Michael Jamias
tera rising dungeon assault update

If you're a die-hard dungeon fan, then this Tuesday's TERA update will have you grinning like a madman.

The Dungeon Assault update rolls out four new dungeons on Tuesday, September 10, with each dungeon sporting a unique storyline, a distinct look and a specific game mode.

For instance, the Wonderholme dungeon seems inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but a more nightmarish version, requiring 10-man teams to clear out this twisted rabbit hole's bosses.

Watch the Wonderholme trailer below as well as those of the three other dungeons: the 3-player water war in Channelworks, the 7-man tower defense in Kezzel's Gorge and the 5-player BAM showdown in Shattered Fleet.

Wonderholme trailer:

Channelworks trailer:

Kezzel's Gorge trailer:

Shattered' Fleet trailer:

The Dungeon Assault update also injects the MMO with new elite gear, which Gameforge claims to be the strongest yet. The great thing about this new batch of powered-up gear is that the online rpg rewards specialized activities.

For example, dungeon fanatics can run through Wonderholme to score the rare Wonderholme equipment. In a similar vein, crafters can use their skills to create Nightforge equipment.

Heroes also get access to shiny Zenith accessories that do more than look pretty -- they actually bestow set bonuses. More Zenith jewelry unlocks more set bonuses, which should trigger a mad rush to complete the entire collection.


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